"Your stuff needs to be read by a much wider audience."

   — Al Hampel, former Creative Director at Benton & Bowles


"I've been fortunate to have worked with some really great copywriters. But my favorite is Milt Lowe.  Milt is the best writer I ever worked with by far."

  — Bernie Most, award-winning art director, graphic artist and famous children's book author


"Milt Lowe is hysterically funny!!!

   — Susan Shapiro, writing instructor and author of 5 novels


"I just love Milt ... love his writing ... love his sick sense of humor."

   — Wendy Kaufman, former beloved SNAPPLE LADY


"I loved the book, the humor, and the excellent writing."

   — Keith Rush, the Keith Rush Radio Show, New Orleans, LA


"Your Charlie Sheen blog for Mister Thistle is excellently written."

   — Gayle Gleckler, Creative Director of The Whole Enchilada


"You and Andy Rooney must be great pals."

   — Denny Tillman, Professor of Photography at Fashion Institute


"Thanks, Milt. Yours was the funniest on-camera bit of anyone's."

   — Sandi Bachom, TV Producer, Cinematographer


"Getting hooked on your writing. Sounds like you're having fun."

   — Bob Lelle, Fine Artist and former Advertising Creative Director


"Excuse me if I compare your thinking with George Carlin's."

   — Elaine Charney, former Art Director at Young & Rubican


"Love Mister Thistle, Great stuff !"

   — Barbara Lippert, Ad Week writer, Curator of Pop Culture at

top agency


"Milt, terrific promo! Very funny, cool, and sells at the same time. Hope it sells and you sell a zillion books."

   — Bob Giraldi, Film Director


"This is hysterical. Have you put this in a book?"

   — Stew Birbrower, Commercial Film Director


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