"Milt is a great copywriter. He always gives prompt delivery, which really matters to a startup like us. The easiest job is the hardest, such as naming a brand. Milt gave us dozens of name options, and we could feel that he tried hard to come up with those options. For a copywriter, what I care about is the experience, and Milt has great experience in copywriting and branding, and his delivery proved that, too. I highly recommend that you work with him if you have a copywriting demand."

— Kayak Client

 "It was great working with Milton, his experience and insight were the reasons that I chose him for this job. It was also great to see that he did excellent within the deadlines, giving me plenty of options before the arranged date. I'd happily work with him again in the future."

— Design Agency


"This is our first contract with Milt. We chose him because we liked his portfolio and he looked like an expert in his field. And that's exactly what Milt is. He quickly grasped the concepts, and came up with fantastic brand names that really showed he got it. Then he was patient with us in our deliberations, and was kind enough to disagree when we were headed off track. His expertise is beyond question and we will be back for more. And he went above and beyond without asking for more money, which is why we gave him a bonus. The best experience we have had on Upwork. Thanks, Milt!"

— Body Care Products Co.


“Milt did an AWESOME job, it was hard to pick a final tagline because I had many taglines to choose from. He was very patient and understanding with our needs and gave his professional opinion and advice, which was priceless. I would highly recommend him for any taglines you may have.”

— Benzu2013


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Milt. He's a true professional. If you want Madison Avenue quality creative, he's your guy. Milt beat every deadline and delivered options over and above the statement of work. I look forward to working with him again on other projects.”

— DavidRook1


“Very happy with Milt's work. He showed real interest in understanding what we offer, so that he can come up with a tagline for us. As for the tagline, he did deliver - I love the result of his work. For people out there who are thinking of hiring him - just go for it. But be prepared to offer him the needed info about your business and what it is that you do. He will not be able to give you a super tagline (as he did for us) before you do that.”

— trestianv


“Milt was outstanding ! He was asked to come up with a name and a tagline. This was a difficult project because I had a focus group of people, all of which needed to be pleased. We exchanged countless emails and he made sure we liked the end result. I had worked with freelancers on elance before. Unlike most of them, Milt had corporate background. He knew what attributed B2B names and tag lines should have. He was able to channel his creativity in the direction of our goals. Would hire him again in future.”



“Great professional. The project was not easy one but he helped us to get great tagline. Highly recommend this freelancer to anyone who look for great name and tagline.”

— decommoditizer


“Milt is very talented, and gave us ideas and taglines based upon the instructions we provided him. We were very pleased about that and would recommend him to others.”

— West777


“Milt came through for us with both the perfect name and tagline. If you need the perfect fit for your name or tagline, he's your go-to guy!”

— Elvun


“Milt gave me the right tagline for my business. So if you want a tagline that's just right for your business, go to Milt.”



Milt is the bomb !! I hired him for a tagline for my nutrition supplement brand and he nailed it !! He had the same vision I did which made it incredibly easy for me. Didnt have to give him direction. It was awesome working with him. Lots of fun!!”

— Client


“Milt did a great job to find a tagline for my brand name, was done quickly and efficiently.”

— aunet


“We really enjoyed working with Milt, he is a creative genius and extremely dedicated to doing a great job. Our brand name search took way longer than originally planned due to multiple inputs from a target audience test group, and so it was difficult to converge. Milt was persistent, listened carefully to feedback and able to come up with multiple rounds of additional suggestions, which ultimately led us to a name that met our objectives. We recommend everyone looking for a professional, creative advisor on brand names to work with Milt. You will not be disappointed!”

— Client


“Milt is truly a marketing genius and I should know because I'm one too. On a serious note, Milt was able to conceptualize my client's vision and recreate 15 amazing brandable and memorable names. Then, he took it a step further and sent so many great taglines that it took a long time for us to decide which one to use. In fact, my client may even start a few extra businesses so she can use those names also. Yes, the names were that darn good! Milt also administered pro-bono graphic design advice. Whenever I get stuck and need assistance, I'll definitely contact Milt to come to my rescue and I suggest you do the same. This man rocks! He's the real deal! Thanks Milt.”

— Client


“He is a pleasure to work with and we would work with him again. We now have a strong brand concept and we are excited to promote it!”

— michaelgreenthb


“Milt came up with numerous excellent suggestions for our product name/ brand and the tagline over and above what was initially agreed to. He is definitely a hard worker and was patient and flexible, even though we switched direction and kept him waiting for feedback. He is professional and has a good sense of humor, it was a pleasure working with Milt! Overall GREAT experience, thank you!!”

— Client


“Milt has found the best name for our business.”

— christianfr


“I find tag lines to be somewhat of an endless pursuit, always thinking there could be something better. Milt quickly put an end to that by listening to our needs and immediately starting to deliver great content. Communication was great, open and quick. Milt kept up the momentum and didn't let down until we had something great. His experience speaks for itself and it provided a great deal of comfort; I knew I could trust his guidance. I now have a solid tag line!”

— ErockBoulder


“Never gave up and came up with dozens of possible names. Will use again for any naming project.”

— Client


“Milt provided a huge list of candidate names several times. Naming a product which is already popular is not an easy job.”

— stevewei


“Milt was very responsive with an excellent work ethic and high level of professionalism. Excellent background and experience for branding. Would highly recommend.”

— BigIslandMarketing


“It was a pleasure working with Milt! Thank you.”

— houmanshahi


“Milt is incredible!! If you are looking for the expert of all experts in branding, you have found the guy! Hes a true needle in a haystack and anyone that finds Milt is lucky. I know that I was!”

— Client


“Milt did a great job. He found the best name for us with available dotcom domain that we could never found our-self. He is very responsive and was proposing about 5 names every day until we found what we like. We will hire him for our future project and recommend him for everyone who is looking for business name or app name.”

— christianfr


“Thanks for all of the tag lines. We were able to use Milts suggestions to find something that worked for us.”

— angkorgold


“Great collaborator! Asked questions to help drill down to the core of what I was after and delivered several quality business names for me to choose from. Would definitely recommend.”

— GTozzi604


“Milt was a pleasure to work with, he was professional, creative and he over delivered. He sent me the first round of names for my product within a day of hiring him and even before I sent him a deposit!. He was also super patient with me lol, thanks for that Milt. Looking to hire him again for future venture. Thanks again Milt Pres”



“Excellent work. Creative, easy to work with and timely.”

— tbavol


“Milt was professional, responsive and delivered. He produced a vetted list of creative names in a fast turn around. A pleasure to work with - already hiring him for another project.”

— tbavol


“Great job!”

— dmitry2013


“This is my first ever experience in elance to hire freelancer and the experience is excellent and all credit goes to Milt !! Excellent work by Milt!! He is very professional, punctual and above all expert in his work!! I recommend him and will hire again for my future jobs. Great job!!”

— Client


“Great work. Very professional. Will hire again!”

— jeffruss


“Great work.”

— tafisco


“Milt has done it again! Catchy names and slogans are not easy to come by these days. Milt has created a niche in the marketplace to help your product stand out and be remembered. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

— aaroneliot


“Small project, but excellent work. Exceeded expectations. Good communication.”

— Client


“Milt is a real pro. I worked with him on a brand name for a new sporting goods brand and am extremely happy with the outcome. I can definitely recommend!”

— Client


“Brandbaron has done it again! His level of work exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend.”

— aaroneliot


“I cannot recommend Milt enough!!! I had a very specific and particular product to brand and he was extremely hardworking and patient and came up with excellent ideas! In addition he was extremely timely and very easy to communicate and collaborate with and completely understood my vision and where I wanted to go with the product. He also continued to work with me until we found something that was perfect. Stop your search now and hire Milt!!”

— m-e-s


“Did an excellent job!!! Probably a very interesting person to talk to. Thanks very much, Milt.”

— Client


“Thank you. Very well done.”

— Tmelanson


“Awesome Job. Thanks Milt!”

— DeanPalibroda


“Milt provided a wide variety of names for me to review. The last one was dead on what I was looking for. I am once again very pleased with the results. Would highly recommend.”

— aaroneliot


“Milt, thank you for the excellent work in naming my book! You did exactly what I wanted and that is to think up something I wouldn't have.”

— dreamstream


“Milt was a joy to work with and provided not only a great name, but good insight. The turn-around time was faster than I expected. He is full of great ideas and I highly recommend him. I will surely work with Milt again.”

— aaroneliot


“Milt was great, he understood my concept and knocked it out of the park on the first pass. I will definitely work with him again!”




— Client


“Milt is VERY professional and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I will work with him again in the very near future.”

— tennisgolfer001


“Great job thanks!!!”

— seancloud


“Awesome work - would highly recommend”



“Met the stated objectives on a timely basis.”

— Consultcelerant


“Exceptional Work.”

— Client


“Excellent job”

— mettemaria


“Milt has done it again! His level of work exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend.”

— aaroneliot


“Great provider, hit the mark on the first try. Will definitely use his services again in the future and will recommend to friends. Thanks again.”

— cgbuys23


“Great job!”

— Client


“I enjoyed working with Milt very much. His work is professional and was delivered in a very timely manner.”

— CBDev


“I found Brandbaron very responsive and willing to work with me.”

— Allagazyke


“Milt is great to work with. He has fresh ideas, it was a pleasure working with him!”



“Need a name? Call Milt!”

— Client


Milt is extremely hardworking, talented, and has exceeded my expectations. I will definitely work with him again. - Devon”

— devhop18


“I was pleased at the end in choosing Milt for this job and he produced what we were looking for. We recommend him.”

— Client


“Milt was a pleasure to work with. His work was both creative and clever and he delivered exactly what we were after. Thank you! Highly Recommended.”

— Belinda141


“It was a pleasure working with Milt. I selected him because he seemed creative and funny.... and he is. He was very professional and flexible all along. Look no further - just hire Milt.”




“One of the hardest workers I have ever met on Elance. I am sorry, that the project took so long.”

— BornDigital7


“Milt worked really hard and was easy to communicate with.”

— Client


“Good work”

— raghu002


“Milt was a wonderful member of our online naming team. The creativity, humor, responsiveness (and overdelivery) he brought to the project were just what we were looking for!”

— AnneLloyd


“He did a great job assessing my needs and working with me to find exactly what we were looking for. Thanks Milt!”

— Lsilva916


“Very creative and informative. Great overall experience!”

— JustNancy


“Milt delivered a name for my company as asked. He was really patient, serious and competent. I'd highly recommend him!”

— topedamota


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