(combat toys for kids and child-like adults)


BIPAREL (reversible clothing store)


PINNAKL EDGE (high-end hedge fund)


EUREKA TRENDS (savvy young marketing firm)


GRATIS (using app for free calls)


SEREN (security firm)


KICKASS THREADS (fitness t-shirt company)


SNAPWITS (smarter tech devices)


SNOTSUK (baby nasal aspirator)


QUITSTERS (promotes funny quitting stories)


BLISS CLIQUE (compatible holding company)


SENTRY (company that features security)


VENUS WEBSITES (female entrepreneurs learning to put up websites)


GARDENIA VALLEY (organic bedding company)


BIG BAD BUCK (maverick deer that says and does the unexpected)


THE MUDSLINGERS (cartoons showing the catty side of pigs – for example, two pigs looking at a really fat pig and saying: “She's let herself go.”


SPRUNG TRAPS  (movie title)


ROGUE LITE  (flash trigger for smart phone)


QUICKKABS  (app for getting cab quickly)


BIRD BRAINS  (bird cartoons)


pixl,, jeremy goldberg